Manage permissions for a user

The page allows to set up the role, according to which the permissions will be assigned to the specific users:

1. Select Project: Select the project to which the user is assigned.

2. Select group: Select the group of the users you want to manage:

      - Active users contains the users, who performed at least one login to or run the or2access command.

      - UPSA users contains the users, who are assigned to the project, but never interacted with EPAM Orchestrator after their assignment.

3. Select User: Select the user (by EPAM e-mail) whose permissions you want to manage.

4. Chose role: Select the role to be assigned to the user.

     - Project role-based: The user will get the set of permissions, guaranteed to them according to their project role.

     - Grant Admin access: The user will get the max project permissions level in private regions and AdminUser access to Public Clouds in which the project is activated.
Please note, that this will affect your permissions in other clouds as well.

     - AWS Managed Policy: The user's permissions in AWS (when they login to the AWS Management Console) will be expanded by the specified AWS Managed Policy.

     - Deny access: The user will have no access to perform project manipulations in Cloud. The user also will hot have an access to all public providers for the selected project.

In case you need to fine-tune the permissions for a specific role on a project, please use the Manage Permissions for a project role option of the wizard.