The Delegate option allows you to delegate the project-related emails to another person.

This affects the following notifications:

Notification name Description
Project Activation Info The notification informing about project activation in a specific cloud/region. As soon as activation is performed, project members can start creating virtual infrastructures in the mentioned cloud
The Project was closed in UPSA The notification informing about changing the UPSA project state to "Closed". Since this moment, the project becomes unavailable for virtual resources management.
Run New Instance Approve The email delivered when a user wants to create a VM when approval mechanism is on. The receiver can either approve or reject creating a specific VM.
Weekly Status Report The report provides resources utilization and changes overview for the project.
Weekly Security Report The report provides info on project security checks, vulnerable resources and potential threats.
Quota Alert The alert notifies that the project monthly bill reached a specific threshold.
Quota Update The email notifies that the project financial quota settings were changed.
Daily Threshold Exceeded Alert The email informs that a project's daily expenses in one region exceed the default maximum threshold of 300 USD.
Unusual activity in AWS detected The notification informs on the excessive growth of new resources in AWS (the number of VMs created within one hour.

When the notifications are delegated, you stop receiving the projet-related emails.

The activation is performed in several steps.

  • Edit Delegates

    On this step, you can review the list of the people to whom you delegated your project notifications.

    To remove a user from the list, click the red cross button next to their name.

    To delegate notifications to a new user, click the Add button.

  • Add Delegate

    The page allows to ecify or change the person to whom the project notifications should be delegated:

    1. Select Project: Select the project to which the user is assigned.

    2. Select group: Select the group of the users you want to manage:

          - Active users contains the users, who performed at least one login to or run the or2access command.

          - UPSA users contains the users, who are assigned to the project, but never interacted with EPAM Orchestrator after their assignment.

    3. Select User: Select the user (by EPAM e-mail) whose permissions you want to manage.

    4. Choose delegate area: Select "Delegate project notifications (Action Required)"

    When the notifications are delegated, you stop receiving the projet-related emails.