Select a management action

Manage Cloud wizard allows you to perform Cloud project management in several clicks only. Here, you can check and manipulate the following settings:

1. Manage permissions for a particular user - Here, you can fine tune a user's permissions, that are by default based on their project role.

2. Manage permissions for a project role - By selecting this option, you can change the set of default permissions that are granted to the users with one or other role on the project.

3. Quota notification plan - Here, you can view the existing project quota notification plan by regions.

4. Edit quota notifications - This option allows you to set up monthly project costs limits by regions, quota depletion notifications, and specify the actions that should be taken after the quota is 100% used.

5. Manage project notifications - By selecting this option, you can setup Orchestration notifications policy for your project.

6. Manage resource quota - This option allows you to setup project quota for checkpoints, instances and volumes.

7. Activate region - This option allows you to enable a new region for a project that is already activated in Cloud.

8. Delegate - This option allows to delegate receiving project notification to a trusted user.