Quota Notification Plan

On this page, you can check the current state if your project's monthly quotasm by regions:

1. Select Project: Select the project where the quota should be changed

2. Show Quotas: Quota type to display. There are three options here:
- Actual quota - show the quotas that are not depleted yet
- Depleted quota - show the quotas that were depleted an/or exceeded
- Disabled quota - show the quotas that were disabled for the project
- All - show both types of quotas

3. Quota Details: - Region - the name of the region for which the quota is specified - Amount - the monthly quota sum, in USD - Action Plan - the list of the actions related to the quota. These can be:

- "Notify" (send a notification to project members when quota usage reaches the specified amount, in % of the quota sum)
- "Stop" (stop all resources in the region)
- "Deny Run VM" (restrict running new VMs).

All quota depletion restrictions are removed when the new month starts.