Google Console Wizard

The wizard allows you to access the Google Management Console on the base of your project role as indicated in UPSA. The access provided by the wizard is similar to that you get with the help of the or2goomc command call.

The Google Console Wizard is accessible from the Cloud Management Console, for the users who have the respective permissions.

  • Select Project

    On this step you select the project you are assigned at.

    Please note:

    If you don't have permissions to access the Google Cloud Console, you will see the respective error message.

  • Google Cloud Access Info

    To get access to your project account in Google, click Autorize to Google Cloud Console button. After that you will receive an email containing the URL to access the Google Management Console and your login credentials.

    Please note:

    After you authorize to the Google Cloud console and a permanent user is created, you can login into the console via SSO with your work email as the login.