Cloud Orchestration Framework

EPAM Orchestrator combines the most optimal technology and service to create unified, dynamic, fully-managed cloud solutions. It is a comprehensive multiplatform, multi-cloud, federated application orchestration framework that advances lean engineering practices, enables full cycle, continuous solution delivery, reduces time to market and greatly improves quality.

Orchestrator is a unique tool bringing unprecedented freedom to leverage your Cloud Computing experience. Built on top of low-level technology backbone it provides EPAM Cloud customers a single management point for every hybrid cloud service.

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Team Collaboration

Cloud Orchestrator provides functionality for team collaboration. Let's define our vision of this process and possible workflows and user roles.

In current document we'll operate with two basic user roles: "admin" (Administrator rights and functions) and "devop" (Developers operations rights and functions).

Shortly all orchestration workflow can be described as three-buttons activity: Setup, Run and Stop.

Possible collaboration scenario can be performed in three phases:

  • The first phase is low-level configuration. Admin sets up initial environment on Nimbula via cURL or any other way.
  • Admin uses Orchestrator to create "Template". Detailed description of this process is available in this document below. It's accessible by "Setup" button from UI.
  • Devop uses this template, to perform operations on Stage, such as Run (start/upgrade) or Stop.


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