Column Customization

Each user can customize the data to be displayed on the Management page by selecting the columns to be shown or hidden and setting the order in which the columns are to be arranged. The 'Customize Columns' dialog window is available via the 'Customize Columns' option under the 'Organize' menu item on the Management page.

  • Customize Columns

    Here you can select the columns to be displayed.

    The list shows all columns available on the 'Management' screen. The columns where values are defined by Orchestrator are marked as 'SYSTEM'. The columns where values can be defined by the user are marked as 'CUSTOM'.

    The list of available columns includes all tags assigned to instances in the user's projects. By showing or hiding certain tags, you can filter the list of instances by tag.

    Check or uncheck the Show checkbox to have the corresponding column shown or hidden.

    The id column cannot be hidden, therefore, its checkbox is disabled.

    To rearrange the columns, click the line for the column you wish to move (the selected line will be marked with a green border on the left) and click the place in the table where it has to be moved.
    The lines will switch places.