Cost Estimator

EPAM Cloud offers you the possibility of estimating the approximate costs of your virtual machines before actually activating them.

The cost estimator is available on the Cloud Dashboard:

Actual figures will depend on your monthly use of EPAM Cloud Services and may differ from these estimates. We recommend evaluating the costs of VMs in different configurations and usage patterns, so that you can plan your VM pool in the most efficient way.

'Compute Instances' estimation includes free 40GB storage (for Windows, Linux and Mac OS VMs), extra size will be charged as additional storage volume.

Please note:

Our Cost Estimator allows to perform estimations only for EPAM regions.

The pricing for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud machines run in EPAM Cloud differs from that of EO machines. Besides, virtual resource billing policies in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud can change frequently.

To estimate the price of the AWS-based infrastructure you plan to create, you can use the AWS Simple Monthly Calculator.

To estimate prices for Azure usage, please visit the Azure Pricing page.

To find the price of Google Cloud-based infrastructure, use the Google Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator*.
*When using the Google Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator, select Custom Machine Type in the Instance type field and set the number of CPU cores and the RAM size manually to match the corresponding EPAM shape.