Azure Portal Wizard

The wizard allows you to establish access to your projects's subscription on the Azure Portal.

The access provided by the wizard is similar to that received by the or2-azure-management-console command call

The Azure Portal Wizard is accessible from the Cloud Management Console, for the users who have the respective permissions.

  • Select project

    On this step, please select the project whose Azure subscription you want to access. Region specification is not needed, as the access is provided to the subscription as a whole, with all the regions included.

    Please note: the dropdown list includes only the projects to which you are assigned and which are activated in Azure. In case you cannot see the project, please submit the "Activate Project in Azure" request.

  • Result

    On this stage, you get the information on the provided access.

    In case this was your first request for Azure Portal, you will get notified that an email with access URL was delivered to your mailbox.
    In case you have already requested access to the Portal, either with the CLI, or with this wizard, you will get notified that the request was submitted before.

    In both cases, click the Authorize to Azure Portal button to proceed.