Activate Project

The Activate Project wizard allows to activate a personal or an UPSA project in Cloud. Personal project activation is available for any EPAMer, irrespective of their position and project assignment. UPSA project activation can be performed only by an Account Manager.

In case the project is already activated in Cloud, you can add new regions by submitting a respective Support Request or addressing the Project manager, Project Coordinator or Account Manager, who can activate the project in the new region using the Manage Cloud wizard.

  • Select Project and Region Type

    On this step, select the basic targets for the new regions activation:

    1. Select Project: Select the project to be activated in new regions.
    In case the project is not activated in Cloud yet, it won't be displayed in the list. Please submit the project activation request or address the Account Manager who can activate the project with the "Activate Project" wizard.

    2. Select region type: Specify the region type to be added. These can be regions belonging to a public cloud provider, or EPAM Private Cloud regions.

    Please note: in case you activate a project in a public Cloud provider with the ALL quota over 500 USD, the approval of the Director of Global IT Operations may be needed. In this case, the activation might need additional time.

  • Select Region

    On this step, provide the details on the project activation in the specified cloud:

    1. Reason: Briefly desctibe the reason for the project activation.

    2. Use the Add new row button to select the regions in which the project should be activated.

  • Confirm Project Activation

    On this step, you can review the regions in which the project should be activated, and the specified quota settings.

    If everything is as planned, click Activate to proceed.

    Project activation needs at least two hours. The actual time depends on the cloud provider to which the region belongs.

  • Result

    On this step, you can see the confirmation that your request for the project activation was submitted successfully.

    Click Close to exit the wizard.