Tools & Capabilities

EPAM provides comprehensive solution from development to testing, hosting, maintenance, to operations.

  • Cost Estimator

    EPAM Cloud offers you the possibility of estimating the approximate costs of your virtual machines before actually activating them.

  • Cloud Orchestration Framework

    EPAM Orchestrator combines the most optimal technology and service to create unified, dynamic, fully-managed cloud solutions. It is a comprehensive multiplatform, multi-cloud, federated application orchestration framework that advances lean engineering practices, enables full cycle, continuous solution delivery, reduces time to market and greatly improves quality.

  • DevOps Accelerators

    EPAM Cloud is a hybrid platform that allows to get access to facilities of different cloud providers. While the integration is constantly extended, we pay much attention to developing the features that are most expected by our users.

  • Activate Project

    The Activate Project wizard allows to activate a personal or an UPSA project in Cloud. Personal project activation is available for any EPAMer, irrespective of their position and project assignment. UPSA project activation can be performed only by an Account Manager.

  • Manage Cloud

    Manage Cloud wizard allows to set up user permissions on the project, project quotas, and project subscriptions. The wizard is available only for users with Project Coordinator, Project Manager, Account Manager and Delivery Manager role and provides access to respective projects.

  • Run Wizard

    The Run wizard is used to run new instances and execute Maestro and Cloud Formation stacks available for your project. The wizard is available for the users with Admin role.

  • Stack Builder

    Stack Builder is a convenient tool for creating Maestro Stack, CloudFormation or Terraform templates - sets of commands to be automatically performed in the defined order. It allows specifying scenarios of different complexities and purpose, and is designed to be comfortable for people with different basic knowledge about Maestro Stack Templates.

  • Terraform Wizard

    Terraform allows to build, version and manage your infrastructure within the Infrastructure as a Code approach. The wizard is accessible for everyone, who is assigned at the project activated in a public cloud.

  • Schedules Wizard

    Infrastructure Scheduling Service becomes more and more popular among Cloud users, as it is one of the main tools of Cloud resource usage optimization and cost reduction. However, creating schedules with Maestro CLI tools is a bit complicated, as it requires keeping to specific CRON rules, and, often - referencing related documentation.

  • VM Management Wizard

    One of the most important features of EPAM Cloud Management Console is the provided ability not only to create new resources, but also to manage them in several clicks.

    VM Management Wizard that can be called from the VM Details view on the Management page, allows to perform general VM checks and changes, such as assigning a new owner, initiating security scanning, and getting events audit.

  • Manage Services Wizard

    EPAM Orchestrator supports a number of platform services. The most important and frequently used services can be managed via the Manage Services Wizard.

    The Manage Services Wizard can be found on the Cloud Management Console page and allows configuring the Auto-Configuration Service, Cloud Monitoring Service, Load Balancer Service and Log Aggregation Service.

  • Security Guard

    Security Guard wizard is designed to enable setting up additional security services for projects activated in AWS. They are arranged into three levels, with each new level including the previous one, enhanced by a specific feature.

  • Column Customization

    Each user can customize the data to be displayed on the Management page by selecting the columns to be shown or hidden and setting the order in which the columns are to be arranged. The 'Customize Columns' dialog window is available via the 'Customize Columns' option under the 'Organize' menu item on the Management page.

  • Requests for Support Wizard

    Using this wizard, you can request assistance from EPAM Cloud support teams.
    By selecting the incident group from the list, you will get to incident type selection step, which will redirect you to the proper ESP support request.

    In case you have an incident with AWS which is not related to integration with EPAM Cloud or other EPAM applications and services, you can use the the AWS Enterprise Support option which will register your case on AWS Support side.

  • Manage Images Wizard

    EPAM Orchestrator allows creating images of the existing instances. An image stores the overall configuration of the original instance as well as its current settings and can be used to clone an instance as many times as necessary.

    Manage Images Wizard supports basic image operations, such as viewing the list of available images, creating an image from an instance and deleting an image.

  • Manage Keys Wizard

    SSH (Secure Shell) is a protocol providing secure connection over an insecure network. Authentication using SSH keys is widely used for remote login.

    EPAM Cloud supports SSH key management, storage and usage in accessing its services.

  • Console Wizard

    The wizard allows Cloud users to access the native consoles of the public cloud clouds, in which their project is activated:

    • Login to AWS via AWS Security Token Service (STS)
    • Login to Google Cloud via SSO.
    • Login to Azure with the EPAM Basic User role which is similar to Contributor but without the ability to manage IAM and security groups.