Amazon Partner Network

EPAM Systems has become a member of AWS Partner Network (APN). The partnership program opens a wide range of possibilities for its members. This includes free trainings, certifications, and accreditations for the employees, which have a good opportunity to improve their AWS skills, to get new experience and the evidence of their professionalism.

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APN has been designed to create value for partners at all level of engagement with AWS. Early stage Registered tier partners can access a wide range of valuable training, technical, business, marketing, and GTM tools via the APN Portal, focused on helping partners successfully launch their business on AWS. Standard tier partners are provided with additional benefits such as AWS general services credits, AWS Support credits, listing in the AWS Partner Directory, use of the APN Partner Logo, and promotional support that enable them to gain hands-on experience with AWS services. AWS’ high performing Advanced tier partners receive added benefits including increased directory prominence, an Advanced tier logo, a named account manager and selective eligibility for go-to-market activities.


Amazon Partners have access to Amazon Partners Training program which provides a variety of Partner Training resources in the APN Portal. Online APN Partner Accreditation courses provided at no cost help you effectively articulate AWS solutions and leverage AWS best practices with your customers. AWS provides partner discounts on hands-on instructor-led classes and self-paced labs that help you deepen your technical skills for working with AWS products and solutions. You can also earn AWS Certifications to gain credibility with your customers for your expertise with AWS.

Within the Partner program, EPAM employees have access to the free training program.

To sign up for the program, you need to go to APN Portal and fill the form using your EPAM credentials:

After you submit the form, you will get an APN Portal Verification letter. Follow the link in this letter to complete the registration and set up a password for your account.

The registered users get access to the Portal, which includes a number of offers and possibilities:

Within the scope of partnership with AWS, EPAM employees can participate in the APN Accreditation program. The program contains three trainings (AWS Business Professional, AWS Technical Professional and AWS TCO and Cloud Economics), each followed by an accreditation test.

Once you have started a training, your progress is shown in the training curriculum. To start a module, activate it by clicking the 'Activate' link and then start the module by clicking 'Launch'.

Those who pass it, receive the respective Professional Accreditation Certificate:

The EPAMers who pass the Accreditation, also get a special badge on EPAM Heroes portal.

For more details on the Amazon partnership, please, see the AWS Partner Network official page.