10gen develops MongoDB, and offers production support, training, and consulting for the open source database.
MongoDB partnered with EPAM Systems to launch its first Test Drive on AWS, and we succeeded in developing a MongoDB Replica Set.

The impulse behind the project was to provide MongoDB's prospects with an unlimited number of test labs with no need to build out their main hosting facility. MongoDB turned to EPAM Systems, its long-term partner, to build this scalable self-service portal on the Test Drive platform by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Two months later, MongoDB's first Test Drive, MongoDB Replica Set, has been launched for everyone to quickly provision a MongoDB cluster and test the functionality.

MongoDB Replica Set: How It Works

MongoDB Replica Set users will learn how to create a MongoDB replica set, tune the performance parameters, check the cluster performance, and develop a replica set as a disaster recovery plan. Powered by Amazon Web Services, the test lab can scale to as many instances as needed. The lab offers a quick self-registration and gives access to a variety of standard MongoDB installations. A selected environment is provisioned in minutes, and is instantly available for testing.

Additionally, the Test Drive provides a step-by-step guiding video and links to introductory MongoDB documentation. With complimentary AWS server time, users can return to the Test Drive to complete the lab at any time.

EPAM's Contribution

To present clients with a self-service test lab, EPAM Cloud Computing Competency Center took up the following tasks:

  • Architecture design for hosting environment
  • Development of the underlying automation layer components
  • Test lab management upon its completion

EPAM is not new to MongoDB. In 2012, the company's BI Competency Center first partnered with then 10gen to bring MongoDB to mission-critical enterprise applications. This was followed by EPAM's Cloud Computing Competency Center, whose expertise in cloud services, Linux-based development and support, as well as first-hand knowledge of MongoDB products account for a quick turnaround time and successful project implementation.


  • Amazon Linux (CentOS)
  • MongoDB
  • AWS CloudFormation

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