Success in commercial software product development demands a level of partnership and engagement that goes beyond traditional outsourcing.

  • Amazon Partner Network

    EPAM Systems has become a member of AWS Partner Network (APN). The partnership program opens a wide range of possibilities for its members. This includes free trainings, certifications, and accreditations for the employees, which have a good opportunity to improve their AWS skills, to get new experience and the evidence of their professionalism.

  • 10gen

    10gen develops MongoDB, and offers production support, training, and consulting for the open source database.
    MongoDB partnered with EPAM Systems to launch its first Test Drive on AWS, and we succeeded in developing a MongoDB Replica Set.

  • APS System Integration for Cloud Services

    We've partnered with Parallels to become an official APS System Integrator. Parallels has developed this program to provide a network of system integrators that can help Service Providers and Application Vendors APS package their offerings.