Hybris as a Service (HAS)

Hybris is one of the world top commerce software platforms, which includes omni-channel commerce, product information management, order management solutions, as well as remarketing tools and powerful product search and promotion facilities.

The Hybris platform is extensively used by the EPAM e-commerce team, for which purpose Orchestrator offers an own solution of accessing Hybris with the Orchestrator tools. Currently, integration with Hybris versions 5.7 - 6.2 is supported, although custom extensions support only version 6.2.

Hybris as a Service is delivered in cooperation with Hybris Competency Center, who are responsible for the application initial settings and performance. In case you encounter any issues with the service usage, please address the Hybris CC team.

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Related CLI Commands

The table below provides the list of service-related commands and their descriptions:

Command Short Command Description
or2-manage-service...-s hybris -a or2ms Activates the Hybris service in the specified project and region
or2-describe-instances... -S hybris or2din Displays the details of VMs created during the service activation
or2-describe-services... -s hybris or2dser Describes the Hybris service activated in the specified project and region

Further on this page, you can find more details on the Hybris service manipulation.

Service Architecture

Hybris service can be provided in three configurations:

MEDIUM in which three virtual machines are created with the following components:

  • - Hybris (CentOS7_64-bit, LARGE)
  • - MySQL (CentOS7_64-bit, MEDIUM)
  • - Apache Solr (CentOS7_64-bit, MEDIUM)

LARGE in which six or more virtual machines are created. This configuration is the most flexible for various development scenarios, as it allows both scaling up (by increasing the shapes of its individual nodes) and scaling out (by increasing the number of Hybris nodes up to 10) during the service activation:

  • - Apache Web Server (CentOS7_64-bit, MEDIUM)
  • - 2 Hybris nodes (CentOS7_64-bit, LARGE)
  • - Apache Solr Master (CentOS7_64-bit, MEDIUM)
  • - Apache Solr Slave (CentOS7_64-bit, MEDIUM)
  • - MySQL with NFS (CentOS7_64-bit, MEDIUM)

All nodes are gathered in one cluster and communicate with each other.

Service Activation and Manipulation

To activate Hybris as a Service, use the or2-manage-service (or2ms) command with the -a/--activate flag and the -s/--service-name parameter with hybris value:

or2ms -p project -r region -a -s hybris

Optionally, you can add the -h/--shape parameter to the or2ms command to start all instances in the MEDIUM or LARGE configuration with the same shape. The minimum available value of the -h/--shape parameter is LARGE.

After the or2ms command execution, you will be prompted to enter custom parameters:

  • - Configuration (SMALL, MEDIUM or LARGE)
  • - Whether to install SPARK – a demo Hybris application. If you skip this parameter, only the Hybris administrator console will be deployed
  • - Number of Hybris nodes to create (the minimum number is 2, the maximum is 10)

As soon as the service is activated, its status will be marked as initialized in or2-describe-services (or2dser) command response.

You can find the details on the VMs created within the service activation, by calling the or2-describe-instances (or2din) or or2-describe-services (or2dser) commands with -S hybris parameter:

or2din -p project -r region -S hybris

Logging to Service Nodes

To log in to a Hybris node, use its DNS and the appropriate port. The ports are listed in the table below:

Node Port
Apache Web server/Load balancer -
Hybris node (administrator console) :9001, :9002
Hybris node (backoffice) :9002/backoffice/
MySQL server :3306
Solr node :8983

If you have not installed the demo Spark application during service activation, you will be able to access the Hybris admin page only:

If the Spark application has been installed, you can access it from the Apache Web server and any of the Hybris nodes. In this case, use the following ports:

Node Port
Apache Web server/Load balancer -/sparkstorefront/
Hybris node :9002/sparkstorefront/


The service price depends on the price of the VMs included to one service instance.

For example, the approximate price of Hybris in the MEDIUM configuration in EPAM-BY2 region will be the price for two MEDIUM Linux VMs and one LARGE Linux VM, which is $144.34 per month (as of 08/07/2018; the calculations are based on 24/7 usage). The price can vary depending on the region and the usage pattern.
To get more detailed estimations, please, use our Cost Estimator tool.


More information on the Hybris Service can be found in the EPAM Cloud Services Guide. For detailed description of the Maestro CLI commands used to manage the Hybris Service, refer to the Maestro CLI User Guide.


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