Desktop As A Service

Automated DaaS is a managed, secure Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution available for all EPAMers in all EPAM offices from any supported device. It provides EPAM employees with fast and easy access to corporate network, applications and data from the device of their choice by delivering a cloud desktop.

The main features that make DaaS as a service valuable is that using virtual desktops makes it easier to manage hardware inventory, OS versions, patches, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) as well as helps to simplify the desktop delivery vision. Please find technical details about the provided solution on our KB page.

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The current page gives the general information on the service and the main workflows. However, while working with the services, our users encounter new questions they need assistance with. The most frequently asked questions on EPAM Cloud Services are gathered on the Cloud Services FAQ page.
Visit the page to check whether we have a ready answer for your question.

Why use virtual desktops?

Virtual desktops can be used:

  • as an alternative to EPAM workstation You can use virtual desktops if you have no possibility to get EPAM workstations or want to have a virtual desktop as an alternative to EPAM workstations.
  • for isolated projects Virtual desktops can be a reasonable solution for the projects which include users with individual restrictions that should meet the group policies and where users have NO administrator rights. According to the project needs only pre-installed software package approved by management staff can be used for the project activities.
  • by customer oriented users In accordance with the project requirements these users cannot utilize EPAM equipment or cannot install EPAM software but access to EPAM internal apps such as UPSA, Time, Jira, etc. is obligatory.

Solution Features

The main features that distinguishes virtual desktops provided by EPAM Cloud include:

  • - Using the image approved by EPAM Security Team with the basic set of applications
  • - Possibility to use EPAM Domain Credentials for logging in and applying EPAM Group Policies
  • - Possibility to connect to your virtual desktop and continue from right where you have left off
  • - Possibility to start your virtual desktop from a web browser

High level settings

By default, in EPAM, virtual desktops have the following high-level settings:

Virtual desktop service settings Enabled/Disabled
Setting virtual desktop user as local administrator Enabled
Allowing end users to cache credentials on the client Diabled
Allowing end users to increase volume size Disabled
Allowing end users to choose between Standard, Perfomance, Power virtual desktop types Disabled
Enabling users to rebuild their virtual desktop from their client Disabled

Available regions

For now virtual desktops provided by EPAM Cloud can be requested in US East (N.Virginia) and EU (Frankfurt) regions. We are planning to add other regions as the need required.

Available configurations

A bundle is a combination of an operating system, and storage, compute, and software resources.

When you request a virtual desktop, you can choose between the available bundles.

Bundle type vCPU, Memory Root Volume User Volume
Standard 2 vCPU, 4 GB Memory 80 GB 100 GB
Performance 2 vCPU, 7,5 GB Memory 80 GB 100 GB
Power 2 vCPU, 16 GB Memory 80 GB 100 GB

If you need custom configuration of the virtual desktop, please submit the respective support request.

Virtual Desktops are provided with a pre-installed software package that fully meets the requirements of the EPAM Security Team and includes Win10 (modified Windows Server 2016) and the following software package:

  • - Mozilla Firefox
  • - Adobe Flash Player (NPAPI)
  • - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  • - OPSWAT Agent
  • - Qualys Cloud Agent
  • - GlobalProtect
  • - Sentinel AntiVirus

How to start a virtual desktop?

You can start working with your virtual desktop using Amazon WorkSpaces Client or Web Access.

Using WorkSpace Client

To start working with your virtual desktop via Amazon WorkSpace Client, please perform the following steps:

1. Install necessary AWS client via on your workstation using this link

2. Check your network connection using Connection Health Check

3. If you receive an appropriate email from Cloud Support Team, you can use provided credentials to start. Just choose Registration Code (XXXXX+XXXXXX) and username without

Using Web Access

To start working with your virtual desktop via Web access, please perform the following steps:

1. Follow this link, select Web Access option and click ‘Launch’.

2. To register on your virtual desktop, input the Registration Code (XXXXX+XXXXXX) that you will find in the email send by the Cloud Support Team once your virtual desktop is created.

3. Log into your virtual desktop with your EPAM domain credentials.

How to get a virtual desktop?

To get a virtual desktop, please submit the respective support request and specify the desired configuration, user name, required region, project code by location. The PM or DM approval is required.

If you are a newcomer to EPAM and do not have company’s laptop, all costs will be covered by the Local IT Project. If you already have a company’s laptop, the costs for using your virtual desktop will be covered by your project.


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