Cloud Support Service (CSS)

The EPAM Cloud Service includes not only self-service based options, but also provides you with the help of our experts.

EPAM Cloud Support service gives the EPAM Cloud users a wide range of assistance in any Cloud-related area.

  • Amazon Web Services/Azure - request related to AWS/Azure usage
  • Consulting - Consulting on questions related to EPAM/AWS/Azure Cloud utilization, billing, costs, quota, documentation
  • EPAM Cloud issues - Issues related to virtual machines, CLI, portal
  • Project Management - EPAM/AWS/Azure project/region activation, permission management, add shapes, move VM to project/region
  • Virtual Machine Management - Requests related to Virtual Machine management and configuration
  • AWS Enterprise Support - request directly for support from AWS

This topic contains the following sections:

Have a Question?

The current page gives the general information on the service and the main workflows. However, while working with the services, our users encounter new questions they need assistance with. The most frequently asked questions on EPAM Cloud Services are gathered on the Cloud Services FAQ page.
Visit the page to check whether we have a ready answer for your question.

Requesting Support

In case you need to request assistance with EPAM Cloud, you can use the 'Requests for Support' button on the main page of Orchestration UI. The button will lead you to the ESP section related to Cloud where you can find your issue category in the Catalogue and then submit a corresponding request.

This is the recommended way to submit support requests for EPAM Cloud, as it ensures that the request will go to Cloud Support experts directly, and no extra time will be spent for sorting it at Help Desk.

EPAM Cloud Support can be reached from There you can use the Catalog of Requests to create the corresponding support request to get the necessary assistance in Cloud Service usage.

To create a Cloud Support request, navigate to New Request, select 'Applications and Services' from the available categories and then select 'EPAM Cloud' from the list:

The 'EPAM Cloud' section is divided into subsections according to the request topic. Please select the appropriate topic to make sure that the request will be forwarded to the corresponding expert team:

Submitting a Request

To submit a support request,select the request subject and the description purpose. Once you have selected the subject, the form dynamically changes to show only the descriptions relevant to the subject you have selected.

The screenshot below illustrates a filled-in form for an Activate Project request.

When filling the form, please pay attention to the details, such as Urgency, Desired Resolution Date and Employees Affected, so that your request could be resolved as effectivelly as possible.

You can edit your contact details or add an attachment to the request, if needed.

When the form is filled, press the Submit button.

When a request is submitted, it receives an ID number and is saved as a Change ticket that can be easilly tracked by number within the Support Portal.