Terms and Agreements

The main purpose and goal of EPAM Cloud is to provide infrastructure services to the developers of EPAM Systems within their projects. EPAM Cloud is a self-service operation designed to create and maintain virtual infrastructures as well as to provide integration with certain related services. EPAM Cloud service is provided in strict compliance with high security, confidentiality, reliability and data privacy standards inherent to all services offered by EPAM Systems.

In its operation, EPAM Cloud relies on different regulations and standards applicable to different aspects of the Cloud Service:

  • - Privacy Policy setting the rules of handling user data and confidential information
  • - Terms and Conditions defining the parties involved in Cloud Service, their rights and responsibilities and the scope of Cloud Service
  • - Security Policy prescribing the measures to be taken by all parties to ensure Cloud security
  • - Audit Certifications verifying EPAM compliance with the standards and regulations applicable to software development for certain industries

Privacy Policy

EPAM Cloud Service being part of the EPAM Systems is subject to the general Privacy Policy adopted in EPAM Systems. In providing its services EPAM Cloud follows the rules of data collection and use as well as the principles of confidential information handling set forth in the Privacy Policy of EPAM Systems Inc.

Terms and Conditions

EPAM Cloud provides infrastructure services subject to the clearly defined Terms and Conditions establishing the basis for the service provision and acceptance, the rights and responsibilities of the Service Provider and the Service Recipient and the scope of service. The Terms and Conditions define the support and customer care procedures to be followed in handling requests submitted by Cloud users. In providing service and support, EPAM Cloud adheres to the Service Level Agreements settled for different areas of EPAM Cloud Service.

For details on the Terms and Conditions applicable to EPAM Cloud Service please refer to the EPAM Cloud Terms and Conditions document avilable on our KB page.

Security Policy

EPAM Cloud Service is subject to the general security policies adopted by EPAM Systems. Additionally, it strictly follows the Cloud-specific security rules and regulations.

The security policies, procedures and tools applied by EPAM Cloud Service are aimed at ensuring maximum protection, integrity and confidentiality of data, information and software being the property of EPAM and/or its users. For these purposes, EPAM Cloud applies various security measures, such as multi-level authentication and authorization, security scanning, events audit as well as additional security measures used for working with external cloud providers and third-party services.

EPAM Cloud establishes strict security rules and procedures to be followed both by the Service Provider and the Service Recipient. These rules and procedures include the requirements to be performed in the normal course of business and the protocols of responding to any security issues detected or anticipated in EPAM Cloud.

For details on the Security Policy applicable to EPAM Cloud Service please refer to the EPAM Cloud Security Policy document available on our KB page.

Costs Sharing Policy

There are cases, when an infrastructure hosted in Cloud is shared between several projects, while it is assigned only to one of them. In such cases, it can be necessary to share the cloud costs between these projects.

EPAM Cloud Costs Sharing Policy describes the flow of transferring EPAM Cloud-related costs (all or partially) of one project to another.

For details on the process please refer to the EPAM Cloud Costs Sharing document available on our KB page.

Audit Certifications

EPAM Systems develops software solutions for different customers of different industries in different parts of the world. The specifics of certain applications require certification by government or other authorities. EPAM Systems, as the contractor, is also required to comply with the standards and regulations applicable to development of software for certifiable usage. Therefore, EPAM Systems Inc. is audited for compliance to the applicable standards on a regular basis.

EPAM Cloud, as part of EPAM Systems, meets its compliance obligations and completes required certifications.

For details on the Audit Certifications completed by EPAM Systems and applicable to EPAM Cloud please refer to the EPAM Systems Audit Certifications document.