26 Dec

Blogger - A Penny Saved is a Penny Gained

This post contains recommendations and best practices helping to optimize your infrastructure cost when choosing AWS as your cloud provider.

8 Nov

Blogger - EPAM Cloud as a Choice for Business

Blogspot is one more communication channel EPAM Cloud uses to share its news, improvements and ideas.
This article explains why EPAM Cloud is the optimal choice for hosting your infrastructure describing the Cloud development cycle, the provided services and other aspects specific to EPAM Cloud.

23 May

Forrester - Vendor Landscape: Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions of Major Service Providers, Q2 2016

In 2016, EPAM Orchestrator is again analyzed by Forrester in its Vendor Landscepe report on hybrid cloud management solutions. Hybrid clouds provide a variety of service options to customers, however, working in a hybrid cloud may require more complex management of resources existing in different clouds. Forrester's report compares a number of providers of hybrid cloud services, so that its customers may make a reasonable choice of their provider.

12 Apr

Forrester - Vendor Landscape: Private Cloud Software Solutions, Q2 2016

Forrester's Vendor Landscape report compares private cloud software solutions by different providers. Many cloud providers are analyzed, as hosting infratsructure in cloud is now a very popular practice for enterprises. Clouds are selected for prompt resource provisioning, flexible billing systems and security. Forrester's reports help enterprises in selecting cloud providers.