Media Coverage


15 Jun

Blogger - Continuous Education for Continuous Delivery

This post intriduces the education opportunities offered by EPAM System, particularly, those concerning Cloud Computing. The line of education products ranges from the basic introductory courses to focused trainings by partner providers.

24 May

Blogger - Orchestrator Goes Opensource

In late 2016, EPAM Orchestrator, in addition to improving and enhancing its core functionality, spun off a new line of development - the Deployment Framework to enable open-sourcing of the Orchestrator code and allow flexible selection of its components.

5 Apr

Let's Talk about Cloud!

In April the EPAM Meetup Room in Budapest, Hungary, hosted a meetup on cloud solutions. The discussion was organized around two presentation by EPAM software engineers introducing Cloud-related solutions of interesting problems.

28 Mar

Forrester - Vendor Landscape: Cloud Migration Services

This report by Forrester analyzes the options, strategies and tools which different cloud providers engage to assist migration of their customers' resources to cloud.


26 Dec

Blogger - A Penny Saved is a Penny Gained

This post contains recommendations and best practices helping to optimize your infrastructure cost when choosing AWS as your cloud provider.

8 Nov

Blogger - EPAM Cloud as a Choice for Business

Blogspot is one more communication channel EPAM Cloud uses to share its news, improvements and ideas.
This article explains why EPAM Cloud is the optimal choice for hosting your infrastructure describing the Cloud development cycle, the provided services and other aspects specific to EPAM Cloud.

23 May

Forrester - Vendor Landscape: Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions of Major Service Providers, Q2 2016

In 2016, EPAM Orchestrator is again analyzed by Forrester in its Vendor Landscepe report on hybrid cloud management solutions. Hybrid clouds provide a variety of service options to customers, however, working in a hybrid cloud may require more complex management of resources existing in different clouds. Forrester's report compares a number of providers of hybrid cloud services, so that its customers may make a reasonable choice of their provider.

12 Apr

Forrester - Vendor Landscape: Private Cloud Software Solutions, Q2 2016

Forrester's Vendor Landscape report compares private cloud software solutions by different providers. Many cloud providers are analyzed, as hosting infratsructure in cloud is now a very popular practice for enterprises. Clouds are selected for prompt resource provisioning, flexible billing systems and security. Forrester's reports help enterprises in selecting cloud providers.


20 Nov

Everest Group PEAK Matrix for Private Cloud Enablement Services

EPAM Cloud is again mentioned in Everest Group's annual PEAK Matrix report on Private Cloud Enablement Services. This report places EPAM among aspirants in this market sector.

29 Oct

Forrester - Vendor Landscape: Private Cloud Overview

Forrester again included EPAM Cloud in its assessment of cloud service providers, Vendor Landscape. This report classifies EPAM Cloud as a software solution - a product using software to automate resource provisioning.

28 Sep

Forrester - Create a Winning SaaS-Based Digital Ecosystem for the Digital Business Era

In September, 2015, Forrester again mentioned EPAM in its report on using cloud service providers for creating digital ecosystems. In the report, EPAM Systems is referred to as a company operating in the sector of cloud development.

29 Apr

Habrahabr - Pitfalls on the Way to an Azure-based Hybrid Cloud

One of EPAM developers shares his thoughts about the specifics of building a cloud based on Microsoft Azure and invites his colleagues and developers outside EPAM to share their expertise in this matter.


20 Dec

Everest Group PEAK Matrix for Enterprise Cloud Application Services

Everest Group, a consulting company providing advice on global services to companies, publishes its annual PEAK Matrix assessments on service products and solutions to assist companies in making decisions on selecting the service provider. Everest Group performs its evaluations in several market areas, including Enterprise Cloud Application Services. In 2014, EPAM Cloud was first mentioned in the PEAK Matrix as an emerging player on the cloud services market.

16 Dec

Habrahabr - AWS Lambda and No Servers

The post explains the functioning of AWS Lambda Service and the basics of its usage in the context of building serverless architectures.

10 Sep

Forrester - Vendor Landscape: Private Cloud Overview

Forrester is a market research company which studies technology and its trends and influence and provides technology consultations to enterprises. One of its report categories is Vendor Landscapes, reports analyzing and comparing service providers in a specific technology area. In 2014, EPAM Orchestrator was included in Forrester's Vendor Landscape: Private Cloud Overview comparing more than 30 cloud service providers in different aspects of technology and service.

14 Jun

EPAM Systems Mentioned as Microsoft Azure Partner

EPAM Systems has rightfully earned its place among Microsoft Azure's partners. As Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner, EPAM delivers a whole range of services assisting in developing Azure-based cloud solutions and migrating the business infrastructures to Azure. In order to provide comprehensive and professional service, EPAM supports a dedicated Microsoft Competency Center staffed with certified experts.

5 May

Habrahabr - Berkshelf and Chef Cookbook Dependencies

The post describes the specifics of automation and configuration management from the perspective of Berkshelf - a tool for automating the resolution of Chef cookbook dependencies. Berkshelf is rather widely used in EPAM, so new techniques and flows can always come in handy for the rest of the EPAM community, as well as for developers outside EPAM.

4 Mar

Case Study - EPAM Systems Delivers a Hybrid Cloud Service for Developers

Hewlett Packard Enterprise became the winner of the open tender announced by EPAM Systems to select an automation cloud platform. Cooperation with HPE laid a solid foundation of EPAM Orchestrator in its improved and enhanced form.

16 Jan

Habrahabr - AWS Test Drive - Amazon Sandbox

Another expertise share by EPAM developers on Habrahabr - the experience of working with AWS Test Drive which is essentially a package of ready technical solutions by Amazon partners presented as test labs.


2 Apr

EPAM Cloud on Twitter - Continuous Deployment to Windows Instance

EPAM Cloud uses Twitter as one of the communication channels to inform about the latest Cloud solutions and share the interesting facts and news about the Cloud Computing universe in general.

25 Mar

High-Availability FTP Server with Data Storage in AWS S3

EPAM welcomes every opportunity to share knowledge and expertise with the rest of the IT community and uses all available communication channels to reach out to colleagues from other companies and independent developers. One of the platforms where EPAM members post their thoughts, ideas and solutions is Habrahabr, a Russian-language collaborative blog on everything related to IT and computer science. Cloud-related posts receive significant attention on EPAM's space on Habrahabr.

31 Jan

EPAM Recognized by Cloudcor in Best Cloud System Integrator 2012 and Best Mobile Solution 2012 Categories

While EPAM Orchestrator was only taking its first steps, EPAM Systems was already recognized as the Best System Integrator of 2012. At the UP Cloud Conference hosted by Cloudcor EPAM Systems was highly regarded by cloud experts received the Best Cloud System Integrator 2012 and Best Mobile Solution 2012 awards.