High-Availability FTP Server with Data Storage in AWS S3

EPAM welcomes every opportunity to share knowledge and expertise with the rest of the IT community and uses all available communication channels to reach out to colleagues from other companies and independent developers. One of the platforms where EPAM members post their thoughts, ideas and solutions is Habrahabr, a Russian-language collaborative blog on everything related to IT and computer science. Cloud-related posts receive significant attention on EPAM's space on Habrahabr.

This time, one of EPAM developers shared his experience of setting up a high-availability FTP server:

"High-availability implied the following:

  • - Data is to be stored in AWS S3
  • - The availability of FTP server (Pure-ftpd in our case) was to be as high as possible
  • - Load balancing is to be provided (optionally)"

You can read the proposed solution in the post on Habrahabr.