• Effective Cloud Computing: 15 How-To Tips

Effective Cloud Computing: 15 How-To Tips

This training is oriented at project managers who work with projects that plan to or already use EPAM Cloud. The aim of the training is to popularize EPAM Cloud among EPAM managers, provide the answers to the most frequently asked questions, and encourage Cloud usage.
The training is intended to minimal necessary knowledge of EPAM Cloud usage and basic skills in Cloud infrastructure management and monitoring.

Language: Russian

The lecture covers the following aspects:

  • How to start using Cloud?
  • How to run a VM?
  • How to restrict running VMs?
  • How to estimate project costs before start?
  • How to find the resources on my project?
  • How to find the person who changed a VM?
  • How to find the project costs?
  • How to control project costs?
  • How to cut project costs?
  • How to control cloud-related emails?
  • What are the responsibilities of the sides?
  • How is security regulated?
  • How to provide access for customers?
  • How to save time and labor?
  • Where do I find more info?

The lecture will be delivered via GoToWebinar:

Day Time Lector
Wednesday, February 15 12am-3pm Svitlana Ostnek (Ukraine, Kharkiv)