Effective Cloud Computing: 1. EPAM Cloud Basics

This training is oriented on EPAM employees of all specializations who work on projects that plan to or already use EPAM Cloud. The aim of the training is to increase EPAM Cloud expertise level among EPAM employees, provide the answers to the most frequently asked questions, clarify the most frequent misunderstandings, and encourage Cloud usage.
The first module introduces the attendees to the main concepts of cloud computing, describes the specifics and operating principles of EPAM Cloud, covers the basic virtual machine management functions and provides answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Language: Russian

The lecture covers the following aspects:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Cloud Computing Overview
  • What is EPAM Orchestrator?
  • Quick Start
  • Running a VM and Basic VM Management

The lecture will be delivered in two streams, via GoToWebinar:

Stream Day Time Lector
1 Tuesday, July 5 4pm-6pm Svitlana Ostnek (Ukraine, Kharkiv)
2 Thursday, July 7 11am-1pm Ganna Shargorodska (Ukraine, Kharkiv)