Webinar - DevOps ED. Cooking and Testing

This training covers Infrastructure as Code testing overview, fundamentals and basic concepts.

Lector: Andrii Filatov, Senior Software Maintenance Engineer

Dates: 26.06.2014-24.07.2014

After the training, the attendees will be able to describe what testing means in terms of IaC, define the subject specific terms, cover basic Chef recipes with Unit and Integration tests, automate testing during writing Chef recipes and verify the test coverage.

The course includes five lectures:

  • Lecture 1: Cooking and Testing - Intro (Why should we test? and testing basics).
  • Lecture 2: Cooking and Testing - Unit (Unit tests frameworks overview and power of Chefspec).
  • Lecture 3: Cooking and Testing - Integration (Integration testing frameworks overview and vagrant vs Test-kitchen).
  • Lecture 4: Cooking and Testing - Advanced (Deep dive into testing Chef Cookbooks).
  • Lecture 5: Cooking and Testing - Continuous (Continuous testing and test coverage).

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