DevOps ED. Chef and Infrastructure Solutions

The training covers different available Opscode Chef solutions, alongside with newly launched Chef Development Kit. This module will cover infrastructure of EPAM Private Cloud as an example of solution built around automation and auto-configuration.

Dates: 24.07.2014-21.08.2014

Lector: Ievgen Kabanets, Software maintenance Engineer

After the training, attendees will be able to understand the existing Chef solutions, use Chef DK to benefit during development and testing of cookbooks and also get a grasp of infrastructure solutions and SaaS solutions.

The webinar includes 5 lectures:

  • Lecture 1: Chef Solutions. Enterprise, Open Source, Hosted Chef.
  • Lecture 2: Chef SDK.
  • Lecture 3: EPAM Private Cloud.
  • Lecture 4: SaaS in Clouds.
  • Lecture 5: Hadoop as a Service.

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