EPAM Cloud Orchestrator version 2.5.176 is released

EPAM Cloud Orchestration v.2.5.176 was released on June 27, 2020. The focus of the release is security updates, once infrastructure and platform services also faced important changes.

New Features and Improvements

  • Luminate integration with EPAM Cloud was enhanced, and its stability was advanced. The functionality for registering both new and already existing instances on Luminate was implemented for Cloud Web Management Console and Maestro CLI tool.
  • Qualys connector is now automatically set up for the project when this project is activated in a public cloud.
  • EPAM Cloud now supports multiregional availability of instances. All instances belonging to the same project but launched in different private regions can be allowed for inbound and outbound traffic after submitting a relevant support request.
  • Fedora CoreOS is now available for EPAM Cloud.
  • Chef EPC mode was updated to the new Chef Infra v.13 server.
  • The basic image used for the Kubernetes service was changed to Fedora CoreOS.
  • EPAM Cloud now supports Jenkins 2.235.1 LTS.
  • The Zabbix version used by EPAM Cloud was updated to 5.0 LTS.
  • The price for hardware resources has decreased.
  • Cost allocation tags mechanism for AWS was improved. The default cost allocation library was updated and now comprises five tag keys.
  • Three new email notifications were added: AWS IAM User Account Detected report, Google Projects Configuration report, and Extended Users report.
  • EPAM Cloud team introduced Maestro3 - an enhanced application for managing and monitoring your virtual infrastructures in EPAM Hybrid Cloud.

Knowledge Base Update

All changes and updates to the EPAM Orchestrator functionality are reflected in the documentation and other EPAM Cloud resources. With the release of EPAM Orchestrator 2.5.176, the following documentation updates were made:

You can always find the full set of EPAM Cloud documentation on the respective page on our web-site.

Fixes and Improvements

When working on Orchestration updates, we not only concentrate on introducing the new features, but also pay much attention to improving the existing tools and fixing known issues.

The Release Notes and What's New documents attached to this page cover all the changes coming with Orchestration v.2.5.176.


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