Meet Maestro3 - a new application for EPAM Cloud

We are happy to announce, that upon your numerous requests, we developed and are glad to introduce Maestro3 - an enhanced application for managing and monitoring your virtual infrastructures in EPAM Hybrid Cloud. It is available not only as a web console with responsive UI but also as a mobile application, both introducing a whole range of new capabilities to your cloud management experience.

Now, you can stay in touch with your infrastructure and team and react timely and properly even when you are away from your workstation.

Along with major EPAM Orchestrator functions such as Billing and Reporting, Notifications, Quotas, Native Console and Security Guard, Maestro3 contains a sufficient number of enhanced features long-awaited by the EPAM Cloud users. These features are intended to improve user-experience and control, as well as ensure additional value:

  • 24/7 access to your infrastructure from any device including mobile phone, that provides the ability to keep a close eye on it and react within minutes when necessary. Maestro3 mobile application allows you to manage your virtual infrastructure and keep track of the changes from your mobile device. It has all benefits of a web application including a comfortable and intuitively understandable layout.
  • Getting the most significant updates within seconds due to the push notifications mechanism will allow you to respond properly to the most significant events and requests from your infrastructure. The push notifications cover infrastructure events and approval requests.
  • Reach the support immediately - the in-built tool allows you to submit requests and ask for help and assistance without the need to switch between different corporate applications or writing emails.
  • Efficiently track events and audit infrastructure performance from one place, ensuring that no letters are lost or unnoticed regardless of the period when they were received.
  • Speed up productivity and decrease environment configuration effort with Infrastructure as Code tools. Maestro3 includes deep integration with Terraform, which enables working with templates via GitHub, templates planning and applying (including auto plan and apply once update in repository is detected), viewing logs, centralized stacks management, and other convenient features.

Currently, the Maestro3 solution is provided in the beta mode, starting from June 1 until July 31, 2020. On August 1, the beta period will be over, and the access to the mobile client of the application will expire.

Please find the details about Maestro3 in the document attached to this page.


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Please find the details about Maestro3 in the document attached to this page.

Maestro3 for EPAM Cloud

The document provides an overview of similarities and specifics of Maestro3 application usage for EPAMers who have already experienced or are planning to use EPAM Cloud Orchestrator for managing their virtual infrastructures.