Billing Model Changes in Private Regions

EPAM Cloud has been facing major infrastructure updates during the latest months. These included creating new OpenStack regions and migrating virtual resources to them, updating the OpenStack versions to more recent ones, updating compute hosts and operating systems, and others.

All these changes resulted into a more effective and cost-efficient utilization of cloud infrastructure in private regions. This allowed us to review the existing billing approaches and to optimize them.

Thus, we are glad to announce that a new billing model for all private regions in EPAM Cloud is applied starting from August 1, 2018. Taken into account the virtual resource usage statistics, we expect that the total Cloud chargebacks for most projects in private regions will decrease significantly.

The prices in all regions will be unified, so that similar VMs in different regions will be provided by the same price. The table below illustrates the price changes by shape and operating system:.

The changes in the pricing model will be described in details in EPAM Cloud Documentation, the Billing and Quotas page and in the FAQ in the nearest future.