Saratov Datacenter Decomissioning

With the aim of improving the service quality and reliability, all virtual resources hosted in the Saratov datacenter (EPAM-RU1 region) will be moved to other EPAM Cloud regions. After the move, the Saratov datacenter will be decommissioned. Starting from August 7, creating new resources in EPAM-RU1 region is restricted.

Saratov datacenter will be completely decommissioned by August 31.

All resources which are hosted in Moscow, Ryazan, Izhevsk, Samara, Tver, and St. Petersburg data centers will not be affected. If your project has virtual resources in Saratov DC, please take all the necessary measures in advance to prevent data loss. We also will contact the affected projects separately in the nearest time.

We understand that these changes will result in additional inconveniences for you. Thus, we offer an exclusive opportunity to replace the resources to be removed with new equal VMs based on SSD in Minsk DC. You can also request migrating your existing resources to any EPAM Cloud regions.

Please be informed, that during the migration the following attributes will be changed:

  • VM name
  • VM DNS name
  • VM ID
  • IP addresses

By request, EPAM Cloud Support Team can assist with migration of your resources at any convenient time (24/7). Please, schedule your migration/relocation activities as soon as it can be possible.

Please contact change coordinator in case you have any further questions.

We are doing our best to deliver a high-level service. But sometimes, the improvements can affect the habitual flow of events. We highly appreciate your understanding in such cases.