EPAM Cloud Orchestrator version 2.1.85 is released

This is the final release of 2016, where we introduce a number of important changes. This includes improved AWS security with SSO login introduction and reports allowing to detect hack attacks timely, new facilities in project costs management by quotas, introduction of Sonar as a Service, and Kubernetes update. Infrastructure improvements were made in EPAM-RU2 region. EPAM Systems has subscribed to the AWS Enterprise Support package on the company-wide basis, so every project using AWS will be able to get professional AWS support. We also published a number of useful articles and are glad to introduce two self-education facilities - a basic course on EPAM University, and a Cloud-related module on EPAM adaptation portal.

New Features and Improvements

Infrastructure-related improvements of the new Orchestration are:

  • Free trial in EPAM-IN1 region is prolonged till January 1, 2017.
  • EPAM-RU2 region is scheduled to improvements with SSD and pricing coefficient change.
  • A new concept of hardware Mac instances provisioning has been developed.

We also expanded the set of platform services available in EPAM Cloud, and updated the existing ones::

  • Sonar as a Service is introduced.
  • Kubernetes version in the respective service was updated to v.1.5.1, and new service manipulation commands are available now.
  • Ubuntu 16.04 image is available in EPAM Cloud and is recommended as the upgrade point for Ubuntu 12.04, which will not be supported since 2017.

Monitoring and controlling project expenses and accounts security are among the top priority tasks for projects management. We pay special attention to these points, and made the following improvements for this release:

  • Monthly project quotas system was redesigned for better flexibility.
  • Default project quotas were introduced for AWS regions, to ensure the better control of AWS-related expenses.
  • A system detecting unusual resource creation activity was introduced.
  • Amazon SSO access is established for EPAM users.

The video below provides an overview of the most important improvements implemented in EPAM Orchestration v.2.1.85.

We have good news for AWS users - EPAM Systems has purchased an AWS Enterprise Support package to ensure top quality support of AWS-related issues which EPAM users may face.

Knowledge Base Update

The new release is accompanied by the introduction of two self-education programs:

  • EPAM Cloud Adaptation module, aimed to provide the basic information on EPAM Cloud service, its tools and facilities.
  • Introduction to EPAM Cloud course on EPAM University - a basic course, where the subscribers can get the most necessary expertise on effective EPAM cloud usage.

The functionality updates introduced in EPAM Orchestrator v. 2.1.85 are reflected in the following documents:

Fixes and Improvements

When working on Orchestration updates, we not only concentrate on introducing the new features, but also pay much attention to improving the existing tools and fixing known issues.

The Release Notes and What's New documents attached to this page cover all the changes coming with Orchestration v.2.1.85.


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