EPAM Cloud Orchestrator version 2.1.73 is released

In this version, we focused on enhancing and improving the EPAM Orchestrator functionality. The usability of Maestro UI has been improved, and a number of updates to platform services have been implemented. And, as always, we are paying close attention to service reliability and security.

New Features and Improvements

  • VM Management Wizard in Maestro UI has been updated with two additional functions
  • Docker Service has been enhanced
  • Cloud Service provided in OpenStack regions has been improved
  • Additional data center has been deployed increasing EPAM Orchestrator reliability, availability and consistency
  • System security has been enhanced

Knowledge Base Update

The functionality updates introduced in EPAM Orchestrator v. 2.1.73 are reflected in the following documents:

Besides this, existing documentation and Cloud website were revised in accordance with the new and updated features.

Shortly after the release of EPAM Orchestrator v. 2.1.73, the EPAM Cloud Team starts a series of Effective Cloud Computing trainings aimed at providing users with the basic knowledge of EPAM Cloud usage and specifics. The trainings cover a variety of topics - from starting a VM in Cloud to more complex issues, such as platform services or Hybrid Cloud.

Please follow the announcements on the Learn Portal for the upcoming training program.

Fixes and Improvements

Each new Orchestrator release contains not only new features but also improvements of the existing functionality and fixes of issues, which ensures efficiency and reliability of our product.

The Release Notes and What's New documents attached to this page cover all the changes coming with Orchestration v.2.1.73.


Below is a list of documents related to this section. You can find the full list of our documents in the Documentation Storage.

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EPAM Cloud Orchestrator - Version 2.1.73 - Release Notes

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EPAM Cloud Orchestrator - Version 2.1.73 - Overview

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