EPAM Cloud Orchestrator version 2.1.69 is released

EPAM Orchestrator has extended its line of platform services by implementing three new ones. We have added Kubernetes to our family of containerization services, introduced Gerrit as a code review tool to work together with Jenkins, and presented Sitecore, another content management platform supported by EPAM Cloud. Also, in this release we concentrated on additional security measures to be applied in EPAM Cloud - multi-factor authentication for AWS IAM users, security scanning and resource creation control.

New Features and Improvements

  • Maestro UI updated with VM management wizard and additional points and controls on Management page.
  • Kubernetes as a Service introduced
  • Gerrit as a Service introduced
  • Sitecore as a Service introduced
  • Docker as a Service improved with Docker volume functionality
  • AWS multi-factor authentication is set as obligatory for all AWS IAM Users registered in Orchestrator
  • User-initiated VMs scanning facilities are introduced
  • Reports reviewed and updated
  • Resource creation control improved

Starting from June 1, 2016, EPAM-DKR becomes a billed region. The servers there are bulled by the electricity consumed by them, which is 33 USD per month.

The video below provides an overview of the most important improvements implemented in EPAM Orchestration v.2.1.69.

Knowledge Base Update

EPAM Orchestrator v.2.1.69 is accompanied by a number of new documents, articles, and other documentation updates.

We are glad to introduce the following new documents:

There are also three articles published in our blog:

Besides this, existing documentation and Cloud website were revised in accordance with the new and updated features.

Fixes and Improvements

Each new Orchestrator release contains not only new features but also improvements of the existing functionality and fixes of issues, which ensures efficiency and reliability of our product.

The Release Notes and What's New documents attached to this page cover all the changes coming with Orchestration v.2.1.69.


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