EPAM Cloud Free Trial Prolonged!

Christmas is getting closer, and soon we will start making wishes. We cannot, unfortunately, fulfil all Christmas wishes you may have, but we can definitely fulfil one. After the launch of the EPAM Cloud Free Trial we have received numerous emails asking whether it will be prolonged. Many users have tried the new capacities in the EPAM-IN1 region and found them quite efficient for their projects. And the decision has been made to continue the Free Trial one month longer, so that the users who hosted their resources in EPAM-IN1 can finish the year with no billing in this region.

You can continue using EPAM-IN1 for free one month longer, until January 1, 2017. All resources which you already have there as well as any new resources you create during the Free Trial period will not be billed. After December 31, 2016, the billing will start for all existing and new resources with the billing coefficient 1.

Please check the initial EPAM Cloud Free Trial announcement for details and quick start instructions.

We are very glad to offer you this great opportunity to explore Cloud at the same time reducing your project costs. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the EPAM Cloud Consulting team.