EPAM Cloud New Opportunities

We are glad to announce that starting from October 18, all EPAM Cloud users will have access to the new EPAM Cloud region (EPAM-US2)! The region is hosted on the same datacenter as EPAM-US1 using its capacities.

The main advantages of the new region are:

  • Very low price*
  • Shapes up to 5XL
  • Large data center capacity
  • Low ping while accessing the virtual infrastructure
  • OpenStack-based

*An average price for an XL Windows VM in EPAM-BY1 is $105.92 while the price in EPAM-US2 is $63.41. This is a permanent pricing policy for the EPAM-US2 region.

To get access to free virtual resources management, you need to meet the following:

This region is available for all EPAM projects.

In case you are new to EPAM Cloud, take a look at our Quick Start Guide which will help you make your first steps with our service.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact EPAM Cloud Consulting team.