17 Dec

EPAM Cloud Orchestrator version 2.1.85 is released

This is the final release of 2016, where we introduce a number of important changes. This includes improved AWS security with SSO login introduction and reports allowing to detect hack attacks timely, new facilities in project costs management by quotas, introduction of Sonar as a Service, and Kubernetes update. Infrastructure improvements were made in EPAM-RU2 region. EPAM Systems has subscribed to the AWS Enterprise Support package on the company-wide basis, so every project using AWS will be able to get professional AWS support. We also published a number of useful articles and are glad to introduce two self-education facilities - a basic course on EPAM University, and a Cloud-related module on EPAM adaptation portal.

25 Nov

EPAM Cloud Free Trial Prolonged!

Christmas is getting closer, and soon we will start making wishes. We cannot, unfortunately, fulfil all Christmas wishes you may have, but we can definitely fulfil one. After the launch of the EPAM Cloud Free Trial we have received numerous emails asking whether it will be prolonged. Many users have tried the new capacities in the EPAM-IN1 region and found them quite efficient for their projects. And the decision has been made to continue the Free Trial one month longer, so that the users who hosted their resources in EPAM-IN1 can finish the year with no billing in this region.

31 Oct

EPAM Cloud Free Trial Continues!

We are very happy to see that EPAM Cloud Free Trial. aroused great interest towards the region and EPAM Cloud Service as a whole. During these weeks, we received dozens of inquiries about EPAM-IN1, and activated a number of projects there. So… the Free Trial continues!

29 Oct

EPAM Cloud Orchestrator version 2.1.81 is released

This time, we focused heavily on AWS - the security policies have been revised, efficient cost optimization measures have been introduced and a new service, FTP to AWS S3, using the functionality of AWS S3 service, has been implemented. EPAM Cloud infrastructure is growing as well - we have added a new region, EPAM-US2, and enhanced the functionality supported in the existing OpenStack-based regions. And don't miss the EPAM-IN1 Free Trial - until December 1, 2016, resources started and running in that region are not billed.

18 Oct

EPAM Cloud New Opportunities

We are glad to announce that starting from October 18, all EPAM Cloud users will have access to the new EPAM Cloud region (EPAM-US2)! The region is hosted on the same datacenter as EPAM-US1 using its capacities.

5 Oct

EPAM Cloud Free Trial

We are glad to announce that starting from October 6, all EPAM Cloud users have a marvelous opportunity to run virtual infrastructure in our new Indian (EPAM-IN1) region for free!

3 Sep

EPAM Cloud Orchestrator version 2.1.77 is released

Version 2.1.77 is rich in new features, enhancements and improvements. We have added three new platform services - ATG and Magento expand our support of e-commerce platforms, and Splunk has become one more big data management solution supported by EPAM Cloud. Security has been improved, particularly, in the area of AWS integration. Also, EPAM Cloud has expanded its coverage in Asia - a new region, EPAM-IN1, has been successfully deployed.

2 Aug

Saratov Datacenter Decomissioning

With the aim of improving the service quality and reliability, all virtual resources hosted in the Saratov datacenter (EPAM-RU1 region) will be moved to other EPAM Cloud regions. After the move, the Saratov datacenter will be decommissioned. Starting from August 7, creating new resources in EPAM-RU1 region is restricted.

25 Jul

IAM Users Check for MFA

Two months ago, we announced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) support for AWS IAM User accounts. Please be kindly reminded that according to Cloud Security Policy (section 3.6.1 Security in AWS), this is an obligatory condition of IAM User accounts usage.

1 Jul

EPAM Cloud Orchestrator version 2.1.73 is released

In this version, we focused on enhancing and improving the EPAM Orchestrator functionality. The usability of Maestro UI has been improved, and a number of updates to platform services have been implemented. And, as always, we are paying close attention to service reliability and security.

22 May

EPAM Cloud Orchestrator version 2.1.69 is released

EPAM Orchestrator has extended its line of platform services by implementing three new ones. We have added Kubernetes to our family of containerization services, introduced Gerrit as a code review tool to work together with Jenkins, and presented Sitecore, another content management platform supported by EPAM Cloud. Also, in this release we concentrated on additional security measures to be applied in EPAM Cloud - multi-factor authentication for AWS IAM users, security scanning and resource creation control.

4 May

AWS Multi-Factor Authentication Introduction

Within the latest months, we have announced different updates in Cloud Security approaches. However, there are changes that need your contribution, as a part of the overall Cloud Security improvements program. This specifically refers to strengthening AWS security, namely, making additional steps to enhance IAM Users protection.

29 Mar

Hardware Billing Changes

Hardware servers billing adjustments in EPAM Cloud started. The standardized rule that is applied to hardware servers all over EPAM will be gradually replaced by location-specific policy which allows to make the final prices closer to the resources prime costs and to decrease hardware usage bills.

26 Mar

EPAM Cloud Orchestrator version 2.1.66 is released

This time, a lot of our attention was focused on functionality related to resource usage control - we have implemented a mechanism monitoring daily resource usage and fine-tuned the quota management and reporting tools. In addition, we have developed a new methodology of hardware resource billing which allows reducing their price for users. In the area of platform services, we are proud to introduce Hybris as a Service, an e-commerce platform service which has become a brainchild of many teams and developers. For Docker-based infrastructures, we now offer a totally new dedicated region, EPAM-DKR.

13 Feb

EPAM Cloud Orchestrator version 2.1.63 is released

As of this version, EPAM Orchestrator users will be able to request MacOS instances in Cloud, for which purpose we have deployed a dedicated region, EPAM-MAC. The new region supports both virtual and hardware MacOS machines. We have expanded our integration with AWS by adding a new AWS region, AWS-AP-NORTHEAST-2. Also, we have made some improvements to Cloud security, particularly, improved the scanning procedures and revised the rules for AWS Security Groups.