EPAM-UA1 Region Restrictions are Introduced

Please be informed that due to the lack of hardware capacities in EPAM-UA1 region, we had to introduce the following restrictions:

  • the or2-run-instances (or2run) command was blocked for EPAM-UA1 region;
  • the or2-change-shape (or2chshape) command cannot be used to increase the shape of an existing VM.

The change does not influence other Cloud-related operations. However, performance degradation can take place in the region.

Meanwhile, you can use any other EPAM Cloud, Azure, or AWS regions to run new VMs for your project. The full list of the regions supported by EPAM Cloud is given in Maestro CLI User Guide (Annex D: Service Locations section). To see the list of the regions, available for your project, run the following command:

or2dreg -p PROJECT

In case you need to activate a new EPAM Cloud, Azure or AWS region(s), please submit a Region Activation Request (should be approved by the Project manager or Project Coordinator).

We are sorry for the inconveniences resulting from this restriction.

As soon as the capacity issue in EPAM-UA1 region is solved, we will send a respective notification to you.

We hope for your understanding and patience.