EPAM Cloud Orchestrator version 2.1.51 is released

Following numerous requests from our users, we have added Windows 10 to our image library. Also, we are glad to introduce Jenkins as a Service - a continuous integration tool which is now supported by EPAM Orchestrator. Also, we have developed Ansible as a Service, another auto-configuration tool in our collection of platform services. Speaking of platofrm services, we are happy to announce that they are now available in Azure regions. And good news for personal project users - personal projects are now available to all EPAMers, regardless of their project assignment.

New Features and Improvements

  • Windows 10 image added to EPAM Cloud image library
  • Ansible is introduced as another auto configuration tool
  • Reporting by source owner is introduced
  • Cloud regions status info is provided for users
  • EO Services are now available in Azure regions
  • Personal Projects are now available for all EPAMers, irrespectively of their projects assignments
  • Jenkins as a service is introduced
  • A number of security improvements implemented
  • EPAM Cloud education programs delivered and planned

Documentation restructuring started

Knowledge Base Update

With the current update, we are glad to introduce two renewed documents, that inherited the information from five different sources:

Some other documents were also changed according to the changes implemented in the current release.

Fixes and Improvements

Apart from adding new features and expanding the functionality of EPAM Orchestrator, we work hard on resolving the appearing issues and improving the existing features.

Comprehensive list of fixes and improvements can be found in 'EPAM Cloud Orchestrator - Version 2.1.51- Release Notes' below.

All major new features are described in 'EPAM Cloud Orchestrator - Version 2.1.51 - What's New'.


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EPAM Cloud Orchestrator - Version 2.1.51 - What's New

The document containing descriptions of new features introduced in EPAM Orchestrator version 2.1.51

EPAM Cloud Orchestrator - Version 2.1.51 - Release Notes

The list of all additions, improvements and fixes implemented in EPAM Orchestrator version 2.1.51