EPAM Cloud Orchestrator version 2.1.48 is released

Being a true hybrid cloud, EPAM Orchestrator offers its users access not only to its own resources, but also to those hosted on external platforms. In this release, we welcome Microsoft Azure, a virtualization platform by Microsoft, with which EPAM Orchestrator is now integrated. EPAM users can now choose to run their virtual resources in Microsoft Azure and benefit from its native services. Also, we worked on increasing the usability of Cloud Dashboard, which now allows controlling your personal projects and making requests to support.epam.com.

New Features and Improvements

  • Access to Azure via EPAM Orchestration is supported
  • A number of Cloud Management Console improvements are introduced (Dashboard and CLI permissions synchronized, search and filtering facilities added, additional AWS details on Management page, Schedules wizard improved)
  • Personal Projects control from Dashboard is introduced
  • support.epam.com access from Dashboard is introduced
  • Docker service is updated to perform in cluster mode
  • The ability to have multiple CLI properties is implemented via multiple workspaces concept
  • New Cloud trainings are coming soon!

Knowledge Base Update

In the current release, we introduce three major documentation updates, a new training program and a set of other changes. The following documents were updated:

We are also glad to announce two upcoming training events!

-Cloud Computing and EPAM Cloud Introduction - a two-hours long lecture aimed to acquaint our attendees with the main Cloud concepts and EPAM Cloud tools and abilities.

-EPAM Cloud For Functional Testers - a training set containing 5 modules (1h theory + 1h practice each). The training dives into EPAM Cloud tools and capabilities that Functional Testers can use for their project needs.

Please follow the links to see the details and subscribe!

Fixes and Improvements

Apart from adding new features and expanding the functionality of EPAM Orchestrator, we work hard on resolving the appearing issues and improving the existing features.

Comprehensive list of fixes and improvements can be found in 'EPAM Cloud Orchestrator - Version 2.1.48- Release Notes' below.

All major new features are described in 'EPAM Cloud Orchestrator - Version 2.1.48 - What's New'.


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EPAM Cloud Orchestrator - Version 2.1.48 - What's New

The document containing descriptions of new features introduced in EPAM Orchestrator version 2.1.48

EPAM Cloud Orchestrator - Version 2.1.48 - Release Notes

The list of all additions, improvements and fixes implemented in EPAM Orchestrator version 2.1.48