EPAM Cloud Orchestrator version 2.1.36 is released

We are proud to announce that EPAM Cloud has successfully passed ISAE 3402 certification confirming high security and reliability of our service. EPAM Cloud infrastructure is now in the process of fundamental infrastructure changes - we are about to finish migration to HP CSA and have started integration with OpenStack by introducing a fully OpenStack-based region, EPAM-MSQ3. Our integration with AWS is expanding with the addition of the functionality allowing EPAM users access to the AWS Management Console as well as to its native CLI. In this release we have implemented Ambari as a Service marking our entrance into the realm of big data management.

New Features and Improvements

  • EPAM-US1 region moves to CSA
  • EPAM Private Cloud was certified for ISAE 3402
  • The migration to HP CSA platform is coming to an end
  • Ambari as a Service was introduced
  • EPAM-US region discount was extended till June 30, 2015
  • Checkpoint Lifetime report was introduced
  • Integration with Opens Stack has started with introduction of a new region
  • A number of Web Management Console updates were introduced (a Stack Builder for adding new infrastructure controls, a Schedules wizard to simplify infrastructure scheduling service usage, a number of usability improvements)
  • Both AWS Management Console and CLI are now available to users
  • EPC Services are now available for AWS-based infrastructures

Knowledge Base Update

In current release, the following documents were updated:

Fixes and Improvements

Apart from adding new features and expanding the functionality of EPAM Orchestrator, we work hard on resolving the appearing issues and improving the existing features.

Comprehensive list of fixes and improvements can be found in 'EPAM Cloud Orchestrator - Version 2.1.36- Release Notes' below.

All major new features are described in 'EPAM Cloud Orchestrator - Version 2.1.36- What's New'.


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EPAM Cloud Orchestrator - Version 2.1.36 - What's New

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EPAM Cloud Orchestrator - Version 2.1.36 - Release Notes

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