EPAM DNS Policy Update

Please be informed that starting from November 30, Enterprise Admins team stopped controlling DNS suffixes on your workstations due to networking policies changes.

This means, that short DNS names are not resolved automatically any more. The change affects the resources hosted in EPAM Cloud.

To connect to your VMs, please use their full DNS names, instead of short ones.

This message is essential for Windows users. If you use Mac or Linux systems, you can ignore it.

The table below provides the examples of full DNS names of virtual servers, depending on the hosting region:

EPAM Cloud Region Name DNS Suffix Full DNS Name Example
EPAM-BY1 minsk.epam.com EVBYMINSD0000.minsk.epam.com
EPAM-MSQ3 minsk.epam.com EVBYMINSD0000.minsk.epam.com
EPAM-RU1 moskow.epam.com
EPAM-HU1 budapest.epam.com EVHUBUDSD0000.budapest.epam.com
EPAM-UA1 kyiv.epam.com EVUAKYISD0000.kyiv.epam.com
EPAM-US princeton.epam.com EVUSPRISD0000.princeton.epam.com
EPAM-US1-PROD princeton.epam.com EVUSPRISD0000.princeton.epam.com
ANY region. VM name starts with ECS... epam.com ECSA00000000.epam.com

Please check whether you use any hardcoded references to your VMs, and replace short DNS names with full ones to prevent connection errors.

If you have any issues with accessing your resources, please address our Consulting or Enterprise Admins team.

Thank you for using EPAM Cloud!