EPAM Cloud Orchestrator version 2.1.21 is released

EPAM Orchestration Framework version 2.1.21 was released on June 21, 2014.

This release introduces a wide range of significant changes of all types.

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New Features

The following new features are introduced in EPAM Orchestration v.2.1.21 release:

  • Two new regions were activated
  • EPAM joined the AWS Partnership Program that provides AWS trainings and certifications
  • VM-level cloud analytics is significantly updated and improved
  • A Docker service is introduced
  • Maestro Stacks performance was updated
  • Chef Node Information is added to the Management page
  • A set of reporting-related updates is introduced
  • New GrayLog and Hadoop recipes are added
  • A set of Ruby Gems for Orchestrator are introduced
  • A number of improvements were introduced to Cloud Support flow
  • A set of Knowledge Base updates and Knowledge Sharing events were introduced

Knowledge Base Update

The list of documentation updates is as follows:

Our Blog was filled with four new articles:

Fixes and Improvements

Apart from adding new features and expanding the functionality of EPAM Orchestrator, we work hard on resolving the appearing issues and improving the existing details.

Comprehensive list of fixes and improvements can be found in 'EPAM Cloud Orchestrator - Version 2.1.21 - Release Notes' below.

All major new features are described in 'EPAM Cloud Orchestrator - Version 2.1.21- What's New'.


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