EPAM Big Data Competency Center becomes partners with 10gen

EPAM Systems, Inc. today announced a partnership with 10gen, the company behind the leading open-source non-relational database MongoDB.

Bringing MongoDB to Mission-Critical Enterprise Applications

The partnership between 10gen and EPAM will serve organizations looking for alternatives to relational databases. 10gen offers compelling advantages to the enterprise - agility in database development, unparalleled scalability in deployment and a community maintained open-sourced product. Thousands of leading Web 2.0 and Fortune 500 companies, including Disney, Viacom, Intuit and Foursquare have already adopted MongoDB due to this support. By providing solution architecture, development, integration and maintenance services for MongoDB, EPAM Big Data Competency Center affords the backing and scalability companies need to integrate their products into mission critical applications.

"Big Data and online channel optimization trends will continue to drive the explosive growth in the use of the non-relational tools", said Alex Lyashok, Vice President, Technology Solutions of EPAM Systems. "MongoDB plays a crucial role in this ecosystem and EPAM is aggressively investing in the 10gen relationship. Services we provide to 10gen and our customers help mature the use of the product and ensure the best possible outcome for the clients".

"10gen is committed to working with EPAM across the globe to ensure that MongoDB is available on a variety of clouds and platforms, is well integrated with popular hardware and software, and that a growing number of businesses around the world develop and deploy MongoDB-based solutions.", said Ben Sabrin, VP of Sales at 10gen.

About 10gen

10gen is the initiator, contributor and continual sponsor of MongoDB, offering production support, training, consulting and online management services, for the database. 10gen is funded by Sequoia Capital, Flybridge Capital Partners, and Union Square Ventures.

For more information, visit 10gen.com or mongodb.org.