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EPAM is the #1 software service and solution provider in Central and Eastern Europe

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    EPAM is a global provider of software engineering and IT consulting services. Since its establishment back in 1993, EPAM has grown to become one of the industry leaders, with over 19 600 tech employees working in more than 25 countries all around the world.

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    The main purpose and goal of EPAM Cloud is to provide infrastructure services to the developers of EPAM Systems within their projects. EPAM Cloud is a self-service operation designed to create and maintain virtual infrastructures as well as to provide integration with certain related services. EPAM Cloud service is provided in strict compliance with high security, confidentiality, reliability and data privacy standards inherent to all services offered by EPAM Systems.

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    EPAM Cloud is used for development of different types of applications, including financial and healthcare applications. Naturally, EPAM Cloud which is a part of EPAM ecosystem, meets the requirements of all security certifications and standardizations that EPAM has passed.

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    As we grow into a global, not just regional, leader in software and application outsourcing, we recognize that the differentiators that make us excel today are the same as those that made EPAM different at our inception.