EPAM Cloud

EPC Services

EPAM Cloud offers you a set of services, related to Cloud utilization. The main one is Cloud Computing Service (C2S), that allows you to create and manage your own infrastructure in Cloud. The others complement C2S and make it more effective.

Self-Education and Trainings

EPAM provides a lot of opportunities for self-education, skills development and preparing for a certification. Here, you can benefit from internal courses and working with EPAM trainers, public events and courses, and those supported by Cloud providers as well.


One of the important features of EPAM Orchestration are developed management tools that allow to keep track of infrastructure state and performance, project costs and security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you can find the most common questions asked by EPAM Cloud users. For your convenience, the questions are grouped by topic and include not only answers, but also useful references.

EPC Services

Cloud Computing Service (C2S)

EPAM C2S is a core EPAM Cloud service providing cloud infrastructure and related resources as a high scale, multi-tenant private IaaS service. EPAM Cloud operates on the self-service basis with users deploying operating system images and running their applications as needed.

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Auto Configuration Service (ACS)

Auto Configuration service allows Cloud users to run pre-installed sets of software, effectively eliminating the need to install and configure it manually. The service is based on Opscode Chef tool and uses Ruby system configuration scripts.

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Cloud Monitoring Service (CMS)

EPAM Orchestrator provides the users with a set of monitoring tools that allow to get information on different aspects of the service performance:
- Default Gnocchi/collectd-based monitoring (EPAM monitoring)
- Telemetry as a Service, based on Gnocchi/collectd
- Zabbix monitoring service
- CloudWatch and SSM service

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Infrastructure Scheduling Service (CRON)

EPAM Orchestrator allows scheduling instance manipulation so that their state is automatically changed when needed, allowing to optimize the infrastructure load and costs. The schedules are set up with cron expressions that are to be specified according to the specific rules.

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What's New


Case Studies

Hybrid Cloud for Developers

The IT department was tasked with building a hybrid cloud to deliver internal IT infrastructure resources (servers, storage systems, data networks, etc), and also to introduce scale-out capability to external public clouds, such as Amazon.

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EPAM Cloud Solution

EPAM Cloud Competency Center delivers EPAM Cloud as a new internal development infrastructure aimed to simplify the existing one, provide faster performance, transparency and manageability, all bases on self-service principles.

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EPAM Cloud Problem Resolution Consulting

The request was to review an infrastructure and to suggest possible solutions for issues experienced by the customer at that time. The challenge faced by this project has been amplified as the technical person responsible for all hardware and cloud part configuration had left the company and there was no one able to perform any changes to the infrastructure. The customer's technical staff did not include cloud experts.

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